Architectural Design Services

Perlman’s staff has the experience to handle large, complex public projects, yet is nimble enough to work on the smallest home for a private developer. Our comprehensive design services allow for in-depth client collaboration and influence. Sustainability, quality control, attention to detail, and the strongest efforts to meet budget, scope, and timeline criteria, characterize Perlman’s process.

Programming and Planning

While every design exercise requires programming and planning, we understand that sometimes you might only need these initial phases. We are here to help, and have a bench of designers and project managers that are well-versed in in-depth programming and planning of complex public and private projects. Whether it be master planning for an infill or large-scale residential community, or providing space needs and facility analysis for a city or department-wide complex, Perlman is available. Our experience throughout the southwest has helped us develop online and intra-office tools and processes to gather, assess, and distribute data necessary for programming and planning successful projects.

Construction Administration

Perlman acknowledges that design is subjective, but that a built environment is objective. As an architecture firm, we work with you from the beginning of the design process through construction and occupancy. As a design develops we come to fully understand your needs and the necessary function that your building requires to work for you. It is critical to have a firm on-board that will help manage the construction process by working with the contractor and subcontractors to ensure quality, adherence to the construction documents, and maintain design integrity. Perlman is available to make site visits, respond to contractor questions, and approve material selection and craftsmanship, until the day you move into your new facility.

Contract Bidding and Negotiation Assistance

We have accumulated extensive experience in construction processes and administration.  During that time, bidding and negotiation has been a staple of those processes.  We assist in in bidding document printing, distribution, and documentation, including bid questions, clarifications, and addenda.  We typically facilitate and attend Pre-bid conference with interested contractors and sub contractors, management and processing of addendum for bidders, teleconferences, assisting Owner with evaluation of Contractor and Architectural coordination with AHJ staff.


Entitlement Assistance

In the process of creating our diverse portfolio, we have assisted in a wide variety of project types from conceptual planning to construction.  One key aspect that is often overlooked is the entitlement process.  We have provided Entitlement assistance from Re-Zoning to Utility Approvals. We work closely with our Client and municipalities to achieve success in the Entitlement process.

Graphic and Rendering Services

Most projects require imagery or other forms of graphic communication in order to gain public acceptance or city permits. Perlman contains in-house graphic designers and renderers that can help clients both understand the way their project will look, and help advertise it to others. 2D hand-drawn graphics can be produced and colored for a traditional, personal feel- and 3D realistic models can be created to simulate an actual built environment. In addition, our staff is versed in writing, videography, website design, collateral design, and presentation materials.
Use Perlman’s capabilities for design review meetings, billboards, sales office collateral, tradeshows, or website ‘eye-candy’ to show the world your new project.




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